MJ4IL - Marijuana for Illinois

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Marijuana is now legal for adults in Illinois, the most populous midwestern state. This sends major statement to the Federal government that marijuana needs to be legalized nationwide.

  • MJ4IL Campaign
    In response to SB 7 and other bills that were introduced in the Illinois General Assembly, we raised money to convince older voters outside the Chicago area to support marijuana legalization. Public opinion research indicates that older, rural voters are the audience that most needs to be convinced. We really need you to read our Campaign Philosophy page and Contact Us to express your comments and opinions.
  • Marijuana Bills Introduced in Illinois
    Senator Heather Steans introduced SB 7 in the Illinois General Assembly (legislature) to legalize marijuana for the general public over 21. This bill was re-introduced as an amendment to HB 1438, which passed in the Senate on May 29, 2019, and passed the House on May 31, 2019. In addition, SB 2023, which allows marijuana businesses to use the banking system, passed both the House and Senate on June 2, 2019. For more information, see our News page. If you are an Illinois resident, please let your legislators know that you support marijuana legalization. If you need help finding your state legislators, please see our Find Your State Legislators page.
  • Public Support is Greater than Ever
    According to the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, overall 66% of Illinois voters support taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol. However, support varies depending on age, location, the nature of the legalization and other factors. For details about these public opinion polls, please see our Opinion Polls page.
  • Support Legalization in Illinois
    Whether you live in Illinois or not, any financial support you can provide would help us get our message out to our target audience. In the interest of full disclosure, we hope everyone reads our About the Organization page.


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