MJ4IL - Marijuana for Illinois

About the Organization

In the interest of discretion, the word "marijuana" will not appear on your credit card statement. Please read the following.

Just because this campaign is organized as a corporation, does not mean that we are not true believers. We absolutely do want to see marijuana legalized.

MJ4IL is a fund within Symtote Advertising Services. Money contributed to this fund is used for the purposes described in this website. Symtote Advertising Services is a private for-profit advertising agency engaged in Internet and other mass media advertising, and specializing in issue-oriented or "cause marketing". Money contributed to MJ4IL is primarily devoted to mass media advertising aimed at the general public. We also engage in informational research devoted to this topic. Money contributed to this campaign is for the placement of advertising and related research only; we retain ownership of all artwork, ad copy, copyrights, service marks, trademarks, videos and all other materials.

Very generally speaking, money that a business pays to an advertising agency for a business purpose is typically tax deductible. Whereas, personal expenses and political contributions are typically not tax deductible. If you wish to try to deduct a contribution to this campaign, you should talk to a tax professional about your particular situation. Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice.

We believe there has been a history of thinly veiled political organizations claiming to be non-profit educational organizations (and therefore tax-exempt). We do not want to restrict ourselves in that way. We pay our taxes.

We don't make campaign contributions. We do not endorse any candidates for office. We are not affiliated with any political party. We do not send spam (mass, unsolicited e-mail) or engage in telemarketing. We do, from time to time, use e-mail or USPS mail to contact public officials, scholars, writers and others who we think may have an interest in our campaign, to solicit their opinions and comments on the subject of marijuana legalization in general, and our campaign in particular.

If you would like to contact us, please see our Contact Us page.

"Symtote Advertising Services" is a combination of our actual legal name, Symtote Corporation, and a description of the type of business that we are engaged in. Note, Symtote is simply a made-up word to avoid infringing on other people's trademarks or service marks.

"MJ4IL" is a service mark (similar to a trademark) of Symtote Corporation. We wish to protect the name, MJ4IL, because we make certain representations to our customers about how their money will be used, and the public should not be confused about who they are doing business with.

Symtote Corporation was incorporated in the state of Illinois on February 19, 1998. MJ4IL is an assumed business name registered with the state of Illinois. Our offices are located at: 630 East 1st South Street, Carlinville, IL 62626.

We use PayPal to process our transactions because they are in a better position to protect your credit card data than we are. We receive no credit card information from PayPal. If your credit card statement allows only 11 characters for description, PayPal will make the following notation on your credit card statement: "SYMTOTE AD". If your credit card statement allows 19 characters for description, PayPal will make this notation on your credit card statement: "SYMTOTE AD SERVICE". If you wish to make an online donation, use the "Donate" button found on every page of this website. If you prefer to send a paper check, send it to the address shown in the paragraph immediately above this one.

Thank you for your interest in our campaign.

Best regards,

Richard P. DeBiase,
Executive Director

Symtote Corporation


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